Filipino Valorant squad 6045 Pirates have been on an incredible run, which began even before the VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs.

ONE Esports had the chance to learn about 6045 Pirates’ amazing journey. In an interview with coach Yuki “Zyki” Uruma he shared, “The team was formed just last November. We then held tryouts before the start of the VCT SEA tournament.”

The team is being funded by the owner of 6045 Pirates. They’ve been provided with computers that, according to Zyki, “can run [Valorant] in its minimum specifications, along with playing the game at 150hz.”

Coach Zyki believes that the team will play much better if they were on an even level as the other teams hardware wise.

“This is the only thing that’s holding us back.”

For the duration of the VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs, the region’s biggest Valorant tournament, 6045 Pirates have been playing from a computer café in Cebu, Philippines.

Regardless of the circumstances, 6045 Pirates have been making it work, winning their first two matches in the VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs against Vietnamese squad FEARUS and Indonesia team NXL. The team fell to Thai powerhouse squad X10 Esports during the final match of Day 2.

Despite the loss, 6045 Pirates showcased their best performance in the tournament thus far, when they won Game 2 against X10 and finished with a 13-1 score on Icebox.

6045 Pirates will continue their VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs campaign from the third round of the lower bracket. 

Highly touted Indonesia squad BOOM Esports will face FEAR US in the first round of the lower bracket, after which the winner will face FULL SENSE. The winner of that match will then battle 6045 Pirates. Lower bracket matches from round one to three are all best-of-one matches.

Check out the VCT SEA Challengers Playoffs site to stay up to date on the latest news.

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