Last weekend’s Kumite in Texas TWT Challenger event showcased some great talent from the American Tekken community.

Jimmy “JimmyJTran” Tran may have taken home the gold, but the entire top 8 was stacked with talent. Here are all the best plays from the event.

Shadow20z vs Speedkicks (Winners semifinals)

Stephen “Speedkicks” Stafford finished his game against Marquis “Shadow20z” Jordan in style with this flurry of counter-hit kicks at the wall.

JimmyJTran vs NG-Obscure (Winners semifinals)

Vante “NG-Obscure” Flint had a miraculous play in his matchup against JimmyJTran.

With JimmyJTran already committed to his Rage Drive, NG-Obscure activated his Rage Art just in time to cancel the hit-stun and sent Jimmy flying with Alisa’s chainsaws.

Lil Majin vs Joonya_20z (Losers round one)

Terrelle “Lil Majin” Jackson put King’s wrestling moves on display in this next highlight.

With barely any life left, Lil Majin was able to catch Lathaniel “Joonya_20z” Jordan mid-air for a Jaguar bomb and followed it up with a quick wavedash grapple.

Vic vs Trungy (Losers round one)

Despite Geese Howard’s many nerfs in Season 3, Trung “Trungy” Mai showed that the Fatal Fury boss can still be a threat in this match against Vic “Vic” Villareal.

After a manual parry, Trungy executed Geese’s meter burn combo from a side-step set-up. Following up with a shoulder bash, Trungy punished Vic with a beautiful Reppu Ken.

Vic was able to get his revenge in a later round. With Trungy failing to follow up his wall splat, Vic rolled over and launched the Geese player with a quick combo, then finished him off with a Rage Art.

NG-Obscure vs Joonya_20z (Losers quarterfinals)

NG-Obscure stayed quick on his feet in his matchup with Joonya_20z.

After getting hit with Eliza’s fast unblockable, Obscure immediately recovered and initiated his Rage Drive to punish Joonya’s whiff.

Shadow20z vs Vic (Losers quarterfinals)

Runner-up Shadow20z obliterated Vic in the first round of their series. After pushing Vic for a wall splat, Shadow followed up with a triple low and knocked Vic out with a Vanishing Storm.

JimmyJTran vs Speedkicks (Winners finals)

JimmyJTran showed off why he’s considered the best Bryan in the world in this matchup against Speedkicks.

With just a pixel of life left, Jimmy perfectly executed a taunt b4 that launched Speedkicks into the air, then ended the round with a big knockout punch.

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