While Evo Japan was not part of the TWT, it was still stacked with top-tier talent.

Here are our favorite plays from the tournament:

Mikio vs Chikurin (Winners Semifinals)

Ryoto “Mikio” Ikeda was a dominant force at this year’s Evo Japan. Going up against Tekken World Tour Finals winner Yuta “Chikurin” Take, Mikio made a daring statement in their final round together.

After confirming a Lashing Arrow wall stun, Mikio ended the set with an amazing follow-up launcher, sending Chikurin to the loser’s bracket.

Noroma vs Gen (Losers Quarterfinals)

Although known as a Jack-7 player, Takumi “Noroma” Hamasaki tried his hand at Leroy and did fairly well against Genki “Gen” Kumisaka.

After defeating the Liquid player in a mirror match, Noroma also caught Gen’s trademark Shaheen slide and punished him with a Rage-Art.

Masa vs Noroma (Losers Top 8)

Although he eventually lost the Leroy mirror match, rising Japanese player Masa had an incredible comeback against Noroma.

He caught his fellow countryman in Leroy’s one-time use cane and sent him flying to the wall, ending the round with an orbital kick.

Ulsan vs Zeugal (Losers Top 8)

One of the top Leroy killers in Evo Japan 2020 was Lim “Ulsan” Soohoon. The new EQNX player destroyed almost every Leroy player in his way, including Futoshi “Zeugal” Enokawa.

In their match, Ulsan caught Zeugal in a hard read and was close to eliminating him with a Rage Art.

Zeugal tried to mix Ulsan up with a quick mid-low combo, but Ulsan read the low and claimed the round with a quick standing kick.

Book vs Mikio (Winners Finals)

Book’s Leroy was one of the most dominating forces all weekend.

In the Winners Finals match against Mikio, he turned a simple low block into a full combo from standing-2, ending it with a dazzling Rage-Art.

Ulsan vs Noroma (Losers Semifinals)

With a surprise Bob pick, Ulsan found some success in taming Noroma’s Leroy.

Starting out strong with a quick uppercut, Ulsan juggled Noroma for a solid wall combo. From a Giga Jacker wall-stun, Ulsan followed up with a killing Cracker Jacker, taking a well-deserved perfect round.

Noroma vs Mikio (Losers Finals)

In the Losers Finals, Mikio once again found himself facing another Leroy player, but this time he made quick work of Noroma.

Just as Noroma let down his guard, Mikio performed a Mountain Crusher, depleting the Japanese player’s health bar.

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