Although Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan proved himself as the ultimate Olympian, the Clash of the Olympians TWT Challenger event was stacked with some of the best pros in the European Tekken scene.

Here are our eight favorite plays from the Greek Challenger event.

Elf K-Wiss vs Blackbeard (Top 16 Losers)

Kobi “Elf K-Wiss” Scarlett showed Adnan “Blackbeard” Zaman just how strong his Hwoarang can be at the wall.

In their matchup, Elf pinned Blackbeard at the wall and, with one wall splat to the next, depleted the health bar of his opponent.

Sephiblack vs Danielmado (Top 16 Losers)

Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori is considered one of the best Miguel players in the world and, in this match Daniel “Danielmado” Madonia found out just why that is.

In one clutch round, Sephiblack destroyed Danielmado with a counter-hit combo and a heavy-hitting mix-up.

Spero Gin vs Bode (Top 16 Losers)

Spero “Spero Gin” Gineros had a close call in this match up against Fabrizio “Bode” Tavassi.

In a momentary slow-mo clash, Spero Gin initiated a pull-back launcher that caused Bode’s kick to whiff. Spero Gin took advantage and immediately launched Bode into the air, finishing him off with a quick juggle combo.

JeonDDing vs Asim (Winner’s semifinals)

Sang-hyun “JeonDDing” Jeon pulled off a huge comeback in his semifinals match against Asim “Asim” Ali.

Down on life, JeonDDing was able to beat the slow-mo clash with a stronger move, getting the wall bounce, and then finishing off the combo to secure the critical round.

Super Akouma vs Chickenmaru (Winner’s semifinals)

Super Akouma outplayed Nuno “Chickenmaru” Barbosa in this incredible round in the Winners semifinals.

With both players in the red, and time ticking down, Chickenmaru tried to finish Super Akouma with a rushdown attack, but the Frenchman made an incredible read and immediately initiated his Rage Art. With only one second on the clock and a slight health advantage, the Rage Art continued and gave Super Akouma the round.

Bode vs Caiper (Top 8 Losers)

Bode showed off his deadly Julia in this round, starting off the round with a quick can-can launch that brought Caiper to the wall. Once Caiper recovered, Bode hit him with a turn-around punch and then rushed him down with two more quick combos to earn the perfect round.

JeonDDing vs Caiper (Loser’s finals)

In the losers finals, JeonDDing caught Caiper’s demon flip and immediately countered the airborne move by dashing under the Spaniard and then finishing him off with a complete combo string.

Caiper eventually got his revenge in a later round. With barely any life left, the VGIA player hit JeonDDing with a charged Focus Attack and almost fully depleted the JeonDDing’s life. Although Caiper dropped his combo, he was able to input one more low kick to secure the clutch round.

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