Bandai Namco’s upcoming Tekken Season 3 will arrive in September and packs quite a lot of goodies, including a brand new character, Leroy Smith.

Leroy Smith’s reveal showed off his fancy Wing Chun moves against various opponents, and even featured Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch.

Also on the update list are three other characters, one of which is Zafina, who is making a comeback from Tekken 6. The other two characters have not been revealed, but will drop in spring next year. There will also be new moves for all characters, one new feature, a new stage, and an updated user interface.

There was also a teaser of sorts just after a match between Tekken 7 players Knee and Anakin when a short clip of a Metal Gear Solid-style codec communication appeared on the screen — “That was some good a** Tekken.”

This little clip prompted many to believe that the character of Solid Snake, from Super Smash Bros., would be one of the new guys in Season 3.

However, this video was not a part of Evo’s official live stream and Evo confirmed that it was just a joke and meant for the people attending Evo 2019 only. 

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