FGC esports organization UYU recently hosted a 3v3 showdown called the UYU Tekken Unleashed 2, which showcased the best Tekken players from the United Kingdom and France.

The UK team fought their best in the first-to-6 team match, but in the end, Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan bested the Brits with a close 6-5 standing.

Along with Super Akouma, the French team had Guillaume “Gunni” Schiltz and rising star Banbino. The UK was represented by Kane “Kaneandtrench” Heartfield, Asim “Asim” Ali, and Hussain “Gosain” Shah.

The competition featured the two-set, winner-stays-on format.

Starting for the French team, Banbino did not disappoint. The rising player’s Zafina dismantled Asim’s Ganryu with a picturesque parrying finish.

Though Banbino fared well against Asim, Gosain ran through both him and Gunni with his killer Marshall Law. The UK player easily crushed Gunni with a magic-four counter-hit kick into Rage Art.

Famous Frenchman Super Akouma eventually got his turn and went on a rampage. After breaking Gosain’s win-streak, Super Akuma finished Kaneandtrench with a nasty double dragon punch wall combo.

Super Akouma kept up his momentum against Asim and his mirror pick of Akuma. Even with the Akuma pick, Asim faced an early check-out with a beautiful meter-burn combo from Super Akouma.

Although team UK suffered a few losses from Super Akouma, Kaneandtrench eventually clapped back with his tricky Yoshimitsu. The Yoshi player did an incredible spin maneuver to slay the Demon God for the first time.

Kaneandtrench hit a bit of a speedbump with Gunni and his tanky Jack-7. The French player was able to tie the scoreboard for a final game, but Kaneandtrench won the series with a crazy taunt-strike and a finishing mid-kick.

Even though he had momentum on his side, Kaneandtrench fell short against Super Akouma and his raging demon. Kane tried to slash his way to another round, but Super Akouma caught him in a stunning charge attack that instantly depleted the Yoshi player’s health bar.

For the final battle of UYU Unleashed 2, Super Akouma faced Gosain once again.

Gosain experienced a quick beatdown in their first match, but this time, he pulled off a sneaky delayed sweep to even things up on the scoreboard.

Super Akouma was unfazed by Gosain’s highlight play, however. He stood his ground to prove that he is Europe’s best Akuma. In the final round, he cornered the Law player to the wall and unleashed some deadly wall-splat combos, finishing the 3v3 match with a perfect round.

Catch the full stream of UYU Tekken Unleashed 2 at UYU’s official Twitch channel.

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