Tekken 7’s 3.30 patch was a glorious moment for Mishima players around the world.

Along with a buff that to Electric Wind God Fist that made it an excellent keep-out tool, Kazuya and Devil Jin got an incredible tracking buff on their hellsweeps.

Well, that’s all over in patch 3.31.

In response to a wave of complaints, Bandai Namco has reverted the tracking of the hellsweep back to its v3.21 variant, which will once again allow most of the Tekken cast to easily sidestep the low move.

Aside from the hellsweep nerf, the patch also includes some buffs for Gigas. Despite being one of the worst characters in the game, the developers have taken some time to improve his move pool. His [df4] and [df4,1+2] now act as counter-hit opportunities that chain into a natural combo while his while-standing moves (WS 2,3 and WS 2,4) have a longer input window (from 16 frames to 25 frames).

Leroy Smith also gets a few minor nerfs just to keep him from being overpowered. His trademark poke (df1,4) is now +3 frames on hit -9 on block, eliminating his chances of buffering a powerful counter-hit.

Interestingly enough, Tekken’s latest character Fahkumram barely had any nerfs in his first patch appearance. His df3+4 Rage Art becomes -3 frames on hit (previously zero) so that Fahkumram players cannot immediately attack the face-down, grounded player after the RA.

For more information, you can check out the full 3.31 patch notes.

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