Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong had an amazing run at this year’s REV Major Tekken Master event.

After winning last year’s REV Major, the champ was back to defend his title, and despite an early upset against Genki “Gen” Kumisaka in the winners semifinals, he made quick work of the losers bracket, which included a 3-1 victory over Gen in the losers finals, making it all the way back to the grand finals where he would face off against Tekken legend, Daichi “Nobi” Nakayama in the grand finals.

The two players picked their best mains for the final fight. Nobi was using his signature Dragunov while LowHigh fought the Spetsnaz specialist with Shaheen.

With Nobi coming out of the winner’s bracket, he had a bit more leeway into what he could bring to the table combat-wise. Sticking to sidestepping and pokes, Nobi quickly drew first blood.

Nobi found his groove early and dominated the rest of game one, which even included a perfect on the last round.

LowHigh switched to an infinite stage for game two, to remove any chance of wall combos. Nobi continued to play well, but LowHigh clearly looked more confident with more space to work with and he managed to take round four with a huge combo to level the score 2-2.

Nobi looked desperate to close out round five with his hard-hitting moves, but this just gave LowHigh more opportunities to poke and sidestep to deal some damage. In the end, LowHigh managed to steal game two with a simple punch combo.

With momentum on his side, LowHigh started playing more aggressively, reacting with throws and parries out of nowhere. Up 2-0, LowHigh parried Nobi’s down-2 and took game three easily.

Things were not looking good for Nobi. With LowHigh playing confidently, he managed to bait Nobi into an insane Rage Drive juggle and wall combo to take game four, winning the first set 3-1 and resetting the bracket.

In the second set, despite Nobi’s best efforts, LowHigh looked unstoppable, and took the first game 3-1, ending the last round with a simple slide and low follow-up.

Game two was no different. Nobi tried his best to initiate some offense but he found his dashes caught by LowHigh’s lightning-fast attacks. LowHigh continued his dominance and took game two with a lightning-quick three rounds in a row.

With five games won in a row, LowHigh’s victory looked like a done deal. He took the first two rounds of game three easily to put himself at tournament point, but Nobi somehow managed to cling to life, and managed to take round three with a solid wall combo and some counterpokes.

However, it wasn’t enough to turn the momentum in Nobi’s favor, and while he fought hard in the last round, with a big launcher that brought LowHigh close to death, it wasn’t enough to finish him off, and LowHigh counterpoked with a punch that ended the game, with LowHigh taking the second set 3-0, and with it the tournament.

With his stellar comeback, LowHigh went home with US$2,500 and 300 Tekken World Tour points, moving him up to third place on the leaderboard. Runner-up Nobi took US$1,250 and 220 TWT points, bumping himself up to ninth place.

The next big Tekken tournament will be the ONE TEKKEN Tokyo Invitational on October 5, which will see nine of the world’s best Tekken players battle it out at Bella Salle Shibuya Garden in Tokyo for a prize pool of US$15,000.

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