Bae “Knee” Jaemin is without a doubt the best Tekken pro around right now. The Korean legend captured another Tekken Master title at CEO 2019, defeating his own ROX Dragon teammate, Kang “Chanel” Seong-ho, in an amazing grand finals.

Knee was fighting from the winners bracket, while Chanel fought from losers, after a loss to Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn earlier in the weekend.

The two ROX Dragon teammates are close friends and exchanged some friendly banter during character selection, with Chanel even moving Knee’s selection over to Bryan. Chanel himself instantly picked Alisa while Knee eventually moved his selection back to Steve.

The first game was all Knee, who used Steve’s natural counter hits to convert most of Chanel’s pokes into CH combos. Although Chanel put up a strong fight, Knee easily won 3-1.

Chanel switched to Julia for the second game, and opted for a more aggressive rushdown style with riskier juggle combos.

It worked at first, with Chanel taking the first two games, but Knee adapted quickly, and started playing more defensively. Chanel was unable to get inside and had to resort to poking at medium range, but Julia’s weak poke damage matched up badly against Steve and Knee was able to win the next three rounds in a row to take a commanding 2-0 lead.

With the third and possibly final game, Chanel went back to Alisa. Although Knee’s Steve was in top form, Chanel prioritized defense this time and baited out whiffs in order to counterattack with massive damage.

Game three went back and forth, but with the score tied 2-2 and Knee at tournament point, Chanel managed to pull out the win with a clutch duck to avoid Knee’s punch and followed it up with an uppercut juggle combo to finish it.

With Chanel barely holding on, Knee raised his game in an attempt to finish it, and started off game four with an incredible perfect round.

Knee easily took the next round, but facing tournament point again, Chanel somehow managed to run out the timer to take a close round three.

But Knee refused to let his teammate hold on any longer, and made swift work of him in round five, finishing off Chanel with yet another perfect round to win the set 3-1 and capture the title.

With another Tekken World Tour Master event championship under his name, Knee won US$2,500 and 300 Tekken points, keeping him at the top of the Tekken global ranking. As runner-up, Chanel won US$1,250 and 220 TP, pushing him up from 36th to 10th place.

The next TWT event will be the Wellplayed Challenger in Osaka, Japan, which will happen on July 6-7.

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