The Philippine’s best Tekken 7 player, Alexandre “AK” Laverez fell to the most well-known Yoshimitsu player in the world, Minhyung “Eyemusician” Park in a thrilling lower bracket elimination match.

Eyemusician started strong, winning two quick rounds by taking advantage of AK’s unfamiliarity with the Shaheen versus Yoshimitsu matchup.

After losing a game to AK, Eyemusician adapted to a more aggressive playstyle and eventually caught AK with Yoshimitsu’s unblockable attack, Sword Stab, which won him the first set.

AK decided to focus on defense during the second set, using Shaheen’s quick pokes to keep Eyemusician in place, then landed heavy damaging combos each time his opponent whiffed an attack.

AK was able to clutch out a round after a knockdown, which resulted in a carry combo into a Rage Art finish.

The momentum had completely shifted after AK was able to sidestep Eyemusician’s sweep attempt, and then landed his own launch combo to tie the score 1-1.

Eyemusician, however, managed to keep catching AK off-guard with Yoshimitsu’s Flash counter hit, and followed it up with massive damage.

With AK on the verge of elimination, he was able to clutch out a game against Eyemusician after completing a launch combo, which got the crowd off their seats.

Sadly, AK dropped a game-ending combo that would’ve pushed the match to a final round. Instead, Eyemusician was able to bait AK into a Rage Art after whiffing a low attack.

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