Peruvian pro, Abel “Abel Del Maestro” Segovia, came out on top at Collision 2019, but the rising Tekken stars of Peru and South America made a lasting impression on their visitors. Here are our favorite plays from the latest Tekken Master event in Peru.

Qudans vs. Nene The Dragon (Losers Top 8)

In a devilish match featuring Kazuya and Devil Jin, Son “Qudans” Byeong-mun proved to everyone that his DJ is no joking matter.

Against Danny “Nene The Dragon” Echevarria, Qudans made an incredible comeback, showcasing a ridiculous wall break into a Rage Art. Although the initial combo wasn’t enough to take out the Peruvian player, the Korean veteran finished Nene off with a quick sidestep kick.

The youthful Peruvian player eventually won against the Tekken legend. In their last round together, Nene was able to cancel Qudans’ Rage Art with an amazing flying kick.

Ruperto vs. Book (Losers Top 8)

In the next highlight play, Venezuelan player Anderson “Ruperto” Raga shows off just how good his Heihachi is.

In just ten seconds, Ruperto gets a perfect round against Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn.

Although the perfect round was impressive, Book retaliated in game two. The Thai player executed a tech trap by jumping over Ruperto after a wall combo. The tech trap extended Book’s combo and he quickly finished it with a hellsweep.

Kkokkoma vs. Nene The Dragon (Losers QF)

Even if Kim “Kkokkoma” Mu-jong isn’t the most confident Geese Howard player, he was able to get a few good hits on Nene the Dragon during their match-up.

The Talon member burned his meter at the wall and executed a well-timed elbow bash to end the round.

Nene The Dragon eventually pulled out his Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF) to tame Kkokkoma.

With barely any life left, he perfectly executed two EWGFs and his Rage Drive. With Kkokkoma having to get up after the Rage Drive, Nene woke him up with the third and final EWGF of the round.

Abel Del Maestro vs. Roynichi (Winners Finals)

Abel “Abel Del Maestro” Segovia is a superstar of mix-ups with Eddy Gordo.

In this next play, he makes an insane comeback against Roy “Roynichi” Herrera. The GetGosu player catches Roynichi with a low and unleashes a deadly combo. Unfortunately, he whiffs his Rage Art but gets a quick combo to finish off his fellow countryman.

Roynichi vs. Nene The Dragon (Losers Finals)

In our last highlight, Roynichi makes an amazing read against Nene the Dragon.

With a pixel of health left, Nene tried to close out the round with a low kick, but Roynichi executed Geese’s manual low parry. The low parry sent Nene into a start-up corkscrew, letting Roynichi steal the round with a nasty Rage Art.

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