Shoji “Double” Takakubo is your Taipei Major 2019 Tekken 7 Champion, but it wasn’t easy for the Japanese pro.

Double made it to the grand finals undefeated and was fighting fellow Japanese player Yuta “Chikurin” Take, who had stomped his way through the losers bracket.

The grand finals looked like it was going to be another easy win for Chikurin’s Geese, who started off by absolutely dominating Double and his Marshall Law. Double looked a bit hesitant in the first set, and Chikurin was able to read most of his jab poke attempts, easily sidestepping for the punish, resulting in a fast 3-0 for Chikurin.

But with the bracket reset, Double started to figure out Chikurin and was able to block many of his meter-burn combos, countering with his own juggle combos.

Chikurin was able to grab one game in the final set, hanging on by the narrowest of margins, but it wasn’t enough and Double finished him off in the next game, winning 3-1 overall.

Double scores 150 Tekken World Tour points and US$500 for his win, launching him all the way from 139th place to 14th place on the global rankings, while Chikurin earned 100 points and US$250, climbing from 4th to 3rd place.

The next Tekken Masters event will be Fighting Games Challenge in Poland, from June 15 to 16.

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