The ONE TEKKEN Tokyo Invitational saw the world’s best Tekken players battle it out in a 3v3 team format.

Team South Korea came out as the victors in the grand finals, but both Team Japan and Team All-Stars also proved themselves as worthy contenders.

Here are our favorite plays from the Tokyo event.

Double vs Anakin (Team Japan vs Team All-Stars)

Shoji “Double” Takakubo was a menace against Team All-Stars’ Hoa “Anakin” Luu.

With just one whiff from Anakin, Double went straight into a huge combo that sent Anakin to the wall. Although Anakin tried to recover with a wake-up low, Double parried the kick and initiated another wall splat combo. Double then parried a second wake-up low from Anakin and secured the perfect round with a Dragon Cannon.

Jyotaro vs Super Akouma (Team Japan vs Team All-Stars)

Team Japan’s Jyotaro “Jyotaro” Tsunoda was a surprise contender in the Invitational.

Although not a known Tekken pro like his two teammates, the Noctis player had a great run against Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan. In their last round together, Super Akouma fell victim to a simple, yet deadly grab by Jyotaro.

Anakin vs Chanel (Team All-Stars vs Team South Korea)

Kang “Chanel” Seong-ho is known for his flashy plays, but sometimes they backfire on him.

In this clip, he hit Anakin with a punishing Rage Art that left the American player with just a pixel of life. But rather than finish Anakin off, Chanel initiated a cheeky ki-charge to assert his dominance. Unfortunately, Anakin recovered quickly and ran right up to Chanel and hit him with a quick jab combo to steal the round.

Rangchu vs Double (Team South Korea vs Team Japan)

Jeong “Rangchu” Hyeon-ho showed off his legendary Panda in this matchup against Double. He started the round strong by chipping away at his opponent’s health with quick punishes and lows, and then finished it by launching the Law player into the air.

Chanel vs Gen (Team South Korea vs Team Japan)

Chanel showed off his clutch gene in this match against Team Japan’s Genki “Gen” Kumisaka.

With the score tied 2-2, despite being significantly down on life, Chanel pulled out Alisa’s chainsaws to deal some devastating damage. While Gen was able to disable Chanel’s chainsaws with a blocked hopkick, Chanel was quick to recover, and with a transition punch combo, went back into Destructive Form and stole the game with a beautiful low chainsaw poke.

Book vs Jyotaro (Team All-Stars vs Team Japan)

In the round-robin stage of the tournament, Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn easily dismantled Jyotaro’s flashy Noctis.

The Jin player performed three consecutive hellsweeps against Jyotaro’s Noctis, closing out the game with a perfect round.

Ulsan vs Gen (Team South Korea vs Team Japan)

Lim “Ulsan” Soo-hoon has built his reputation on his incredible defense and he showed it off here in this match against Gen.

After a completely whiffed hopkick, the Kazumi specialist went in with a grounding attack, ending the round with a beautiful tiger roll.

Gen vs Anakin (Team Japan vs Team All-Stars)

Gen is easily one of the best Shaheen players in the world and he displayed how strong the character can be with some incredible combos against Anakin.

In between Anakin’s Cross Cut, Gen managed to interrupt and launch the American player with a hopkick and followed it up with a massive combo.

With Anakin now low on life, Gen just had to wait for an opportunity to strike, and took it when Anakin went in with a punch, which Gen cleanly dodged with a backstep, finishing off Anakin with a strong jab punish.

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