While it was Awais “Awais Honey” Parvez who ended up winning his first championship at Malaysia’s FV Cup, there were plenty of other players worthy of the highlight reel.

Here are our eight favorite plays from the Tekken Challenger Event in Malaysia.

Nobi vs Pekos (Winners semifinals)

In this all-Japan semifinal, Nakayama “Nobi” Daichi matched up against Yota “Pekos” Kachi.

Nobi outplayed Pekos with a risky, yet rewarding triple hit of Dragunov’s down-2.

Chikurin vs Khan (Losers top 8)

Yuta “Chikurin” Take made an epic comeback against Imran “Khan” Khan in this top 8 match from the losers bracket.

After a well-timed wake-up kick, Khan sent Chikurin flying with a heavy combo ending in a Deadly Rave. But with only a pixel of life left, Chikurin stole the round from Khan by punishing his max mode activation with a quick jab.

Awais Honey vs Bilal (Losers top 8)

In this Akuma mirror match, Bilal “Bilal” Ilyas proved to Awais Honey that he was not the only Pakistani pro who can dominate with Akuma.

Bilal blocked Awais’ ashibarai and launched him with a goshoryuken. To end out the round, Bilal burned his meter and landed one more punch as a finishing touch.

Awais got his revenge at the end of game one though by catching Bilal with a focus attack and executing an amazing stage-wide wall carry. With almost 80% of Bilal’s health gone, Awais finished it off with a dive kick and a sure-hit ashibarai.

Pekos vs Khan (Losers quarterfinals)

In this Geese mirror match Khan effectively used the wall as his main damage output. He was able to get three proper wall splats against Pekos, earning himself a perfect round.

In their last round together, Khan proved himself the better Geese player by jumping over Pekos’ Reppuken and counter-attacking with a big jab combo.

Nobi vs. Knee (Winners Finals)

The winners finals was an intense battle between the best of Japan and Korea as Nobi took on Bae “Knee” Jaemin in a Steve mirror match.

Nobi started off strong, getting three wall splats on Knee, and getting a well-earned perfect round.

But in the next round, Knee came back with a deadly counter-hit combo that put Nobi in Rage mode. With Rage available and only ten seconds left, Nobi hastily executed his Rage Art, but showing off his incredible reflexes, Knee ducked under the super move and finished Nobi with a Sonic Fang.

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