Riot’s Teamfights Tactics is the latest auto battler game to come to mobile devices.

The League of Legends developer announced the big news at its Riot Pls 10th anniversary event.

“Ever since the launch of Teamfight Tactics, players have been asking us for a mobile version of the game,” said Riot. “As it turns out, you do have phones.”

Teamfight Tactics Mobile will feature full cross-platform play with the PC version of the game. Riot will be running a few betas around December to smooth out the mechanics for its 2020 release.

Aside from a mobile release, season two of TFT has a lot in store for its players.

Alongside new Little Legends and arena skins, Riot will also be introducing a new form of rotation called “seasonal sets.” Seasonal sets will rotate in a new set of champions, origins, items, and classes throughout the year. With this set-based rotation, Riot can now explore alternate lore universes to add new spins to existing characters.

The first seasonal set of Teamfight Tactics, Rise of the Elements, will launch in three weeks.

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