Riot has released a new 9.16B micro-patch as a followup to the large 9.16 update that dropped last week for Teamfight Tactics.

For trait changes, the Brawler trait now has less bonus health, going from 300/600/1,000 to 250/500/900. With the newest addition of Vi as a Hextech Brawler, the small change may be a compromise for the more frequent possibilities of creating a brawler-heavy composition.

After less than a week on the roster, Hextech champions are already getting some nerfs. Jinx’s ability bonus attack speed now caps at one attack per second going from 0.75/ /1.0/1.25 to 0.6/0.8/1.0, and her rocket damage is also getting a slight decrease from 100/225/350 to 100/200/300. For Vi, she now requires a bit more mana to execute her Assault and Battery ultimate from 50/125 to 75/150.

On the upside, a few top-level champions have also received some much-needed buffs.

Anivia gets a slight bump in health going from 650 to 700, while Miss Fortune deals more ability damage with Bullet Time going from 800/1250/1700 to 900/1300/1700. Gnar also has more attack damage on transform going from 30/60/90 to 50/100/150.

As for items, Luden’s Echo now deals less damage and has been nerfed from 200 to 180 when abilities are cast.

Riot also fixed a bug in which the Hextech trait disables Ionic Spark for the whole round, now only disabling the item for eight seconds.

For the full 9.16B patch notes, you can check out Riot’s full post here.

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