Riot Games’ auto-battler mode Teamfight Tactics has been showcasing its second set, Rise of the Elementals, for a month or so now, but fans are still waiting for the release of the auto battler’s third rotation.

In one of his live streams, TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer addressed the frequently asked question, albeit in an indirect manner.

“Yes, there is a set date, but I can’t announce it,” said Mortdog. “Set 2 will long as last as Set 1 and so I keep telling people to do the math.”

TFT’s Set 1 lasted around 19 weeks, giving Rise of the Elementals another two good months from now.

From our calculations, the projected release of TFT Set 3 would be sometime around March 18 — barring any delays caused by unforeseen development issues.

Although Set 3 may be an interesting thought for many players, Riot is still adding more and more characters into the fray in the current rotation.

With the past additions of the Soulbound champions and Inferno Warden Amumu, we’ll soon get our hands on the new Lunar origin, featuring Karma and Leona.

For more in-depth information on the developer’s side, you can check out Mortdog’s Twitch channel here.

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