Longtime Smash tournament organizer, 2GG, has announced its next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, the Kongo Saga.

The tournament will take place on December 7-8 in La Mirada, California, and will be themed around characters from the Donkey Kong franchise.

Players who specialize in DK, Diddy Kong, or King K. Rool can be nominated by the community for a chance to be flown out to compete in the tournament.

The tournament will have separate events for Squad Strike and Doubles, and 2GG may also add more Kong-themed events for participating players, like an all-DK tournament.

The Kongo Saga will likely be the final major tournament for this year’s SSBU tournament circuit and the last tournament that will count toward the PGR Fall 2019 rankings.

Registration is open now, with early entrants getting a free t-shirt and entry into both the Doubles and Squad Strike brackets.

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