With Capcom’s decision to remove the entire first half of the 2020 Capcom Pro Tour season from the schedule due to the ongoing COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, pro players like Naoto “sako” Sako have been relying on online ranked matches to keep their skills sharp.

Sako has been using his spare time to train up an absolutely monstrous Seth, as seen in his recent online matches.

In this match, Sako was just one hit away from losing the round, but pulled off a clutch comeback by throwing his opponent into the corner and then landing an insane game-winning combo with Seth’s Tanden Maneuver V-Trigger II activation that led into a Tanden Destruction Critical Art finish.

In another match, Sako also showcased some Seth tech using V-Trigger II to push opponents into the corner while performing different attacks that could also open them up.

Sako has also been making good use of Seth’s top-tier corner offense with some crazy orb setups. This time, Sako used the final hits of his V-Trigger II and kept himself safe from an ex-Dragon Punch by having the orb right in front of him.

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