After a shocking loss to Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho in the winners top 16, Victor “Punk” Woodley went on a tear in the lower bracket, eventually making his way to the grand finals for a rematch with Hotdog29.

Hotdog29 looked strong at first, and managed to take the first game against Punk with some clean corner combos and excellent damage optimization.

Unfortunately, that was the only time Hotdog29 managed to get on the scoreboard. Punk is known for his mid-match adjustments, and he quickly adopted a defensive strategy, letting Hotdog29 overcommit and make mistakes that the Combo Breaker champ easily capitalized on.

Punk also showed off his superb decision making, including this sequence where he EX Ressenha’d Hotdog29’s jump in, then punished with another EX Ressenha after Hotdog29 blocked his followup Tenko.

The next game didn’t go much better for Hotdog29, with Punk finishing him off with a clean juggle combo to take the first set 3-1 and reset the bracket.

Once the brackets were reset, it was clear that Punk had completely downloaded Hotdog29, and made the rest of games look easy.

Hotdog29 looked completely lost during the last few games, with Punk frequently trapping him in the corner and capitalizing on any mistake he made.

Punk made quick work of Hotdog29 during the final set, ending the tournament with a flashy Critical Art and a 3-0 score.

For his first-place finish at DreamHack Dallas, Punk won US$1,300 and 200 CPT points, putting him at 2,655 for the season. Punk has been in first place all season, but his astronomical lead now means he has more points than second-place Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi (1,085), third-place Benjamin “Problem-X” Simon (890), and fourth-place Gustavo “801 Strider” Romero (500) combined.

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