Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has just released, and we now know every single move that Seth can steal from the rest of the cast.

To steal a move, Seth needs to use Tanden Engine V-Skill 1. After landing a V-Skill 1 attack, she’ll steal the move, which she can use once. To use the move she just needs to use the V-skill attack again.

Here’s all 40 stolen Special Attack moves in one video followed by a list of them in alphabetical order:

The complete list of Seth’s Stolen moves:

  • Abigail: Abigail Punch
  • Akuma: Sekai Goshoha
  • Alex: Air Stampede
  • Balrog: Turn Around Punch
  • Birdie: Bull Head
  • Blanka: Blanka Ball
  • Cammy: Spiral Arrow
  • Chun-Li: Hyakuretsukyaku
  • Cody: Zonk Knuckle
  • Dhalsim: Yoga Flame
  • E.Honda: Sumo Headbutt
  • Ed: Psycho Upper
  • F.A.N.G: Ryobenda
  • Falke: Psycho Kugel
  • G: G Spin Kick
  • Gill: Moonsault Knee Drop
  • Guile: Sonic Boom
  • Ibuki: Kasumigake
  • Juri: Ryodansatsu
  • Kage: Ryusokyaku
  • Karin: Tenko
  • Ken: Shoryuken
  • Kolin: Vanity Step into Silver Edge
  • Laura: Thunder Clap
  • Lucia: Fire Spinner
  • M. Bison: Double Knee Press
  • Menat: Soul Sphere
  • Nash: Sonic Scythe
  • Necalli: The Disc’s Guidance
  • Poison: Love Me Tender
  • R. Mika: Shooting Peach
  • Rashid: Eagle Spike
  • Ryu: Hadouken
  • Sakura: Shunpukyaku
  • Sagat: Tiger Knee Crush
  • Seth: Big Ol’ Punch
  • Urien: Chariot Tackle
  • Vega: Crimson Terror
  • Zangief: Screw Pile Driver
  • Zeku: Bushin Gram – Teki

Obviously, this absolutely massive list makes Seth one of the most complicated characters to play on the roster, as you’ll need to know the properties of every move and when to use it.

Fortunately, the first Capcom Pro Tour event — Brussels Challenge on March 20 — is still over a month away, so players will have plenty of time to practice Seth.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available now.

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