Day 1 of Thaiger Uppercut began today, and some of the best players in the Southeast Asian Region have gathered for some great Street Fighter V action.

One of the best matches so far came from Naoto “Sako” Sako from Japan and Chao Zhou “Yang Mian” Huang from China.

With Sako taking the first set of the match, Yang Mian was able to even things out with an air cross-up into a Critical Art finish.

Sako was able to bounce back after, locking down Yang Mian’s Zeku with some tricky V-Trigger orb pressure and finished the round with an insane reset set-up.

Yang Mian answered back with a perfect round on Sako, which set up one final round between the two great players.

Yang Mian was able to gain the life-lead after two nice throws. But then, Sako landed an incredible aerial confirm into a V-Trigger combo, finished with a Critical Art.

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