Two amazing local players have shocked the competitive Street Fighter V community at the Game Over tournament in the Dominican Republic. Cristopher “Caba” Rodriguez and Jose “Jochy” Flaquer both pulled off unbelievable upsets against some highly ranked Japanese pros.

The first upset came when Jochy went up against Takeuchi “John Takeuchi” Ryota during the pool stage.

Jochy switched positions with the young Japanese professional player, who was then trapped in the corner and got hit with a flurry of Demon Flips.

Then it happened again when Jochy fought his way out of the corner with a slick V-Trigger activation combo. Jochy shocked the crowd by beating John Takeuchi, 2-1.

Next up, Guile phenom, Caba, took on Tatsuya “Haitani” Haitani also in pools.

Caba showed great composure with his corner defense, then ended the first set with a dash in combo into a Critical Art finish.

With the whole crowd cheering on their countryman, Caba pulled off the most shocking round of the tournament by ending the set with a perfect.

Caba then faced another Japanese professional player, Nakoi “Moke” Nakayama. Once again, he absolutely outplayed the Japanese pro with his incredible neutral game.

The crowd went nuts again when Caba closed out the round by landing two huge combos that had Moke stunned in the corner.

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