Apparently, one day of crazy highlights wasn’t enough for the Street Fighter V pros at the Taipei Major, because the final day of the tournament was even more action-packed.

Fuudo vs Qiuqui (Top 16)

Keita “Fuudo” Ai proved why he’s one of the best R. Mika’s in the world, with this V-trigger fake out low attack into a perfectly timed Critical Art.
Gu “QiuQiu” Ran could only shake his head in response.

Haitani vs Machabo (Top 16)

Tatsuya “Haitani” Haitani showed off his godlike reaction speed here, activating his V-trigger anti-air into an air fireball juggle into a dragon punch cancel into a Critical Art finish.

Fujimura vs Dogura (Top 16)

Fujimura “Fujimura” Atsushi showed that Kun “Xian” Ho isn’t the only pro with tricky Ibuki mix-ups.

Fujimura vs Dogura (Top 16)

Fujimura also showed off his amazing reaction speed, punishing Ryo “Dogura” Nozaki on this blocked normal with a devastating Critical Art.

Machabo vs Haitani (Top 16)

Masahiro “Machabo” Tominaga’s Necalli showed off this nasty mixup, dashing under Haitani and hitting him with the rare grounded crossup.

Xian vs Ryusei (Top 16)

Kun “Xian” Ho clearly knows the Ibuki-Urien matchup, as he showed off how Ibuki’s anti-air can beat Urien’s EX-knee drop.

Ryusei vs Xian (Top 16)

In the same match, Ryusei “Ryusei” Ito was able to escape Xian’s deceptive Fuma Shuriken set up by randomly jumping into the air, avoiding a heavy damage combo.

Yoyotai vs NL (Top 16)

Taipei native, Yu “Yoyotai” Tai Lu made his countrymen proud as he somehow avoided being chipped out by Sim “NL” Gun’s Critical Art by using R. Mika’s command grab to leap over it to win the first set.

Tokido vs Machabo (Top 8)

Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi and Machabo proved to be evenly skilled in this round, as their match ended with an incredibly rare “Double K.O.” finish.

Tokido vs Machabo (Top 8)

Machabo almost had Tokido with this EX Stomp in the corner but Tokido caught Machabo back dashing with a timely Critical Art.

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