Team All-Stars earned an opportunity to avenge their loss to Team Korea during their losers finals, but Sim “NL” Gun was able to secure victory in the very last round, facing off against Chinese legend, Zhuojun “Xiao Hai” Zeng to advance to the grand finals of the ONE Street Fighter Tokyo Challenge.

The match between Team All-Stars and Team Korea started out with Xiao Hai defeating F.A.N.G expert Kim “Sigurros” Jung-soo. Xiao Hai focused on his offense and performed much better compared to their previous match.

Next was Kung “Verloren” Hyung-suk, who able to defeat Kun Xian “Xian” Ho yet again, but this time, their Cammy versus Ibuki match up was counted on the score board.

NL continued to produce results for his team as he defeated Jonny Lai “HumanBomb” Cheng with two stylish Critical Art finishes.

With Team All-Stars’ back against the wall yet again, it was up to Xiao Hai to carry his team to victory. He was able to defeat Verloren in a close Cammy mirror match, with an unbelievable Cannon Spike into Critical Art finish reaction counter.

With all the momentum behind Xiao Hai, he then battled NL in a thrilling final set. Xiao Hai was able to win the first game by betting it all on a wake-up Ex-Cannon Spike.

In round two, NL was able to push Xiao Hai into the corner and force a final fifth round to decide the match.

Xiao Hai was just one round away from carrying his team to another incredible comeback, but sadly he ran out of steam, and NL almost perfected him in the last round.

With their victory, Team Korea advances to the grand final where they’re set for a rematch of the winners final against Team Bonchan.

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