Du “NuckleDu” Dang has secured a direct invite to the Capcom Cup after winning the NA Regional Finals.

After losing to Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho in the Grand Finals of the NA Regional Open, NuckleDu set his sights on the NA Regional Final, which featured the top eight players on the NA CPT leaderboard.

In the grand finals, NuckleDu faced CPT top-ranked player, Victor “Punk” Woodley.

NuckleDu started with G, while Punk played his signature Karin. NuckleDu got off to a great start, going toe-to-toe with Punk in the neutral game. He also made good use of G’s strong corner carry that helped him secure the first game.

In game two, Punk took the first round, but NuckleDu recovered, and landed some huge combos to take a surprising 2-0 lead.

In game three, despite a perfect round from NuckleDu, Punk was able to win his first game and prevent a 3-0 sweep.

But in game four, NuckleDu regained momentum and finished off Punk to take the set, and with it, the title.

At 11th on the global leaderboard, NuckleDu was already qualified for the Capcom Cup, which means his spot will let one of the lower-ranked players qualify for the year-ending tournament.

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