The Capcom Pro Tour is finally kicking off with its first online tournament for this year’s Capcom Cup, starting with the North American East 1 qualifier.

The tournament format was changed last May 15 after Capcom decided to scrap all live Street Fighter V: Champion Edition events.

The North American East 1 (Block B) qualifier tournament will take place on June 6-7, and will include the best talent from the region. At present, the clear tournament favorite out of the 203 entrants is Capcom Cup 2016 champion, Du “NuckleDu” Dang.

NuckleDu participated in fewer CPT events last year, but still managed to qualify for last year’s Capcom Cup after winning the CPT North American Regional Finals, defeating Victor “Punk” Woodley in the Grand Final.

Other notable talents joining the North American East 1 qualifier are veteran SFV players Sean “Shine” Simpson, Brian “Brain_F” Foster, and Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez. Meanwhile, newer players to SFV, like Yoryi “Mandrake” Bueno and Kevin “Dual Kevin” Barrios, will also be participating in the qualifier.

With the first qualifier tournament still roughly two weeks away, players in the North American East region can still sign up through Players will also need to submit their internet connection data: average internet download speed, average internet ping, and average internet upload speed, before they’re entered into the tournament.

The winner of the North American East 1 qualifier will advance to this year’s Capcom Cup 2020, which will take place in the first quarter of 2021 in the United States.

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