Fujimura “Fujimura” Atsushi pulled off his best performance of the year by winning the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals at the SEA Major in Singapore.

After Keita “Fuudo” Ai’s incredible CPT Premier win at the SEA Major the previous day, the tournament shifted to the CPT Asia Regional Finals, where the top eight players of CPT’s Asian leaderboard competed against each other for US$7,000 and a guaranteed spot at this year’s Capcom Cup.

In the grand finals, Fujimura faced the best Akuma player in the world, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, who went on a rampage in the lower bracket after dropping his first game of the day to Fuudo.

Fujimura quickly won the first two sets against Tokido using Ibuki’s incredible offense and mixup capability. In both rounds, Fujimura was able to knock down Tokido three times in rapid succession, which earned him a stun that led to the finish.

Tokido answered back by winning four consecutive rounds that evened up the match at 2-2, which included a perfect to close out game three.

Tokido made excellent use of Akuma’s Tatsumaki attacks to push Fujimura into the corner, trapping Fujimura there and piling on the damage.

However, at 2-2, Fujimura managed to halt Tokido’s momentum, escaping the corner with a nice Fuma Shuriken and then following it up by hitting Tokido with a beautiful air-to-air as he jumped back to escape the returning shuriken.

A quick combo followed by a throw and Tokido was left one hit from death. While Tokido was able to activate his V-trigger and go on the offensive, a wakeup EX- Kazekiri was all Fujimura needed to close out the game.

With his number five ranking on the CPT global leaderboard, Fujimura was already pretty much guaranteed a spot at the Capcom Cup, but now that he has secured a direct invite, it opens up a qualifying spot for one of the lower-ranked players outside of the top 26.

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