The ONE Street Fighter Tokyo Challenge was filled with amazing Street Fighter V plays and unbelievable highlights from some of the best players around the world.

Here are the moments that stood out.

Verloren vs Humanbomb (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

Verloren was able to react fast enough to Humanbomb’s slide and threw out a Fuma-Shuriken to close out the round.

SigurRos vs Xiao Hai (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

SigurRos, Team Korea’s F.A.N.G specialist, was able to show us something new with his Air Glide that led to a cross-up instant-overhead attack that helped him secure the round.

NL vs Xian (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

Both NL and Xian were slugging it out in this slobber-knocker of a round, but NL was able to secure the win with a wake-up Raging Demon Critical Art.

Xian vs NL (Team Korea vs Team-Allstars)

During the next round, Xian was able to win the first game for Team-Allstars by landing an instant overhead Shuriken into a sick V-Trigger activation combo.

Verloren vs Xian (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

Verloren showed everyone that he has both a top-tier Cammy and Ibuki by defeating Xian twice due to a mistaken character switch.

Bonchan vs Gamerbee (Team Bonchan vs Team Taiwan)

Bonchan’s impeccable Karin movement was on point against Gamerbee’s Necalli. He was one step ahead, which helped him win the round.

Qiuqiu vs RB (Team Bonchan vs Team Taiwan)

Qiuqiu was able to secure the first round against RB with a clutch comeback win. Then, he closed the set by outlasting his opponent during an Aegis Reflector filled Urien vs Urien mirror match.

Xian vs Oil King and RB (Team All-Stars vs Team Taiwan)

Xian had an unbelievable stand-alone performance against Team Taiwan, where he eliminated all three opponents and carried his team to the next round.

Humanbomb vs NL (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

After Xian’s amazing performance, Team All-Stars was able to get their rematch against Team Korea, and Humanbomb was able to land this incredible V-Trigger into Critical Art finish on NL.

Xiao Hai vs Verloren (Team Korea vs Team All-Stars)

One of the best highlights of the day came from Chinese FGC legend Xiao Hai when he countered Verloren’s low-to-the-ground Divekick with a Cannon Spike into Critical Art finish.

NL vs Qiuqiu (Team Bonchan vs Team Korea)

NL was able to continue Team Korea’s momentum by stealing a round against Qiuqiu by blocking two Aegis Reflector attacks. He then finished the round with a low-hit into a Fireball Critical Art finish.

Bonchan vs Sigurros and Verloren (Team Bonchan vs Team Korea)

Reigning Evo champion, Bonchan, was able to clutch out the grand finals for his team by defeating both SigurRos and Verloren in two down-to-the-wire games playing his iconic Sagat.

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