With this year’s Capcom Pro Tour wrapping up, the top eight players on the CPT European Region leaderboard met at EGX in London to compete for US$7,000 and a guaranteed spot at the Capcom Cup.

The European Region is stacked with high caliber players, and they all put on a show at the finals.

Here are our favorite plays from the tournament:

Mister Crimson vs Angry Bird (Winners round 1)

One of the few remaining Dhalsim representatives in the CPT, Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol was able to clutch out a set against Amjad “Angry Bird” Alshalabi with an instant overhead.

Takamura vs Phenom (Winners round 1)

Houmaid “Takamura” Rabie showed everyone that you should never count out an Akuma player. He was able to get the comeback with three quick combos.

Angry Bird vs Problem X (Winners semifinals)

Angry Bird won his first-round against Benjamin “Problem X” Simon with an incredible comeback that finished with a Critical Art.

Takamura vs Mister Crimson (Losers round 1)

Mister Crimson quickly erased his opponent’s significant life-lead with Dhalsim’s V-Trigger activation, but it was not enough to win him the round as Takamura’s shimmy let him dodge a throw attempt and counterattack to close it out.

Problem X vs Big Bird (Winners Final)

Problem X’s hyper-aggressive M. Bison V-Trigger mixups were causing trouble for opponents all weekend.

In this clip he burns two bars of meter to throw an EX-Pyscho Ball, then cancels it into EX-Knee Press to close the gap against Big Bird with the fireball projectile still on its way.

However, in the next game, Big Bird showed us just how good Rashid is when it comes to corner pressure.

After a knockdown, Problem X decided to jump out of the corner, but Big Bird was able to catch him with an anti-air into ex-Eagle Spike that setup a Spinning Mixer that put M. Bison back into the corner.

Problem X vs Infexious (Losers Final)

Problem X showed off more Bison V-Trigger tech in his match against Infexious, this time using V-Trigger 2 to land a filthy ex-Psycho Ball into a Psycho Crusher then juggling it into a Psycho Axe.

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