You’ve probably already seen Punk absolutely stomping through the competition at Combo Breaker, but the weekend was full of other amazing highlights too. Check out nine of the craziest plays that you might have missed:

Ryusei vs Mr. Mandrake (Pools)

Ryusei versus Mr. Mandrake was a Urien mirror match to remember. With the set coming down to the very last round, Ryusei was able to pull off this insane V-trigger combo to keep his tournament hopes alive.

Fujimura vs Mister Crimson (Pools)

This insane Ibuki throw reflex is still hard to believe after seeing it on repeat. This highlight is reminiscent of Daigo Umehara’s Dhalsim reach punish in Street Fighter IV, 9 years ago.

Mikeyaru vs Tokido (Pools)

When was the last time you saw Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi get absolutely destroyed? Mikeyaru almost knocked Tokido out on day one with some insane Cammy play.

801 Strider vs Xiao Hai (Losers top 96)

Gustavo “801 Strider” Romero read Zeng “Xiao Hai” Zhuojun like a book with this perfect counter-hit to complete the comeback.

Sako vs Haitani (Losers top 16)

Naoto “Sako” Sako showed off his world-class Menat, timing this V-trigger activation perfectly to counter Tatsuya “Haitani” Haitani’s air fireball.

Bonchan vs Menard (Losers top 16)

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi is finally back on his beloved Sagat and boy have we missed watching plays like this.

Fuudo vs Idom (Losers top 12)

Keita “Fuudo” Ai’s air juggle game is so good sometimes it looks like he’s playing Tekken.

Machabo vs Problem X (Losers finals)

Masahiro “Machabo” Tominaga’s understanding of Necalli’s poke range is ridiculous. Just watch how he punishes Benjamin “Problem X” Simon at an unbelievable range.

Tnatchie vs Elchakotay (Pools)

This match between Tnatchie and Elchakotay from pools had just about everything: A near perfect, a reverse perfect, unrelenting corner pressure, air juggle target combos, and a game-ending psycho crusher cross up.

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