This month, Rocket League is re-opening access to some of its most popular Limited Time Modes in an all-new event called “Modes of May”.

The first event, which starts today and runs through the weekend is a mix-up of Dropshot and Rumble Modes. Now known as “Dropshot Rumble”, it features the best bits of these two Extra Modes — breaking open goal-zone floors to score the ball-in-play and picking up Rumble power-ups.

The next session, which runs from May 7 to May 11, will feature the popular 2-vs-2 Beach Ball Mode. On May 14, the Boomer Ball Mode goes live. After that, Heatseeker Mode opens up on May 21.

Here’s the full list for easy referencing:

  • May 1 – May 4: Dropshot Rumble
  • May 7 – May 11: Beach Ball
  • May 14 – May 18: Boomer Ball
  • May 21 – May 26: Heatseeker 

Each mode will begin and end at 12 a.m. GMT +8 as per their fixed schedules. Just like previous Limited Time Modes, all match-plays will be Unranked. Players can still collect experience points and Tier Up.

Head over to the Rocket League webportal for more details on the Modes of May event.

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