Get ready for more of those chicken dinners because Season 9 of PUBG Mobile is dropping in on September 13.

The Royale Pass Season 9, likely called “Warriors Unite”, will come with new skins, new weapons, and a new game mode along with a Royal Pass, of course.

The game’s 0.14.5 update will, like previous seasons, features rewards for reaching rank 100 in the Royale Pass.

The new skins and sets coming in include the Observer Cover, The Observer set, the Draconian Champion set, Infected Grizzly M249 and the Infected Grizzly Dacia. There are also new bags, parachutes, helmets and emotes that are going to be added to the game with the latest update. 

There may also be a new “Survival mode” where you have to keep yourself from freezing to death. Hunt, build fires… do what you need to do to stay alive.  

Other possible additions to the game in Season 9 could be new vehicles in the form of helicopters. These choppers can be used to find underground loot crates that contain advanced weapons and other items. These crates will get marked out by a halo/beam of light which you can see one in the video below.

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