Professional Overwatch team San Francisco Shock has lived up to its name with an electrifying Stage 2 Overwatch League finish.

SF Shock was able to defeat the Shanghai Dragons without dropping a single map in the series, and while amazing, was just the cherry-on-top of their other outstanding achievement: Completing the #GoldenStage.

The #GoldenStage is a phrase made up by fans to describe SF Shock’s Stage 2 run, which saw them not dropping a single map, sweeping every opponent and finishing with a perfect 28-0-0 record.

Even the SF Shock players could not contain their excitement for the achievement. Jay “Sinatraa” Won, who plays DPS for SF Shock, went on Twitter to express his happiness.

Rivals Vancouver Titans, who had defeated SF Shock in the Stage 1 Playoffs, congratulated the team for their legendary performance and hoped for another intense match-up once they meet again in the Playoffs.

After the well-deserved #GoldenStage, SF Shock will be playing against the Shanghai Dragons again for the start of the Stage 2 Playoffs on May 10.