Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan has just revealed that the game’s development team is working on big improvements for the in-game communication wheel.

The dev team plans to make tweaks based on a majority of players’ feedback as well as give them the option to customize their own chat wheels.

“Well, we are putting them (voice lines) all in, and we are giving you a system in the options, under controls, where you can basically set up the communication wheel with a whole list of commands we think will be super useful for you,” said Kaplan.

Some of the new voice lines include “fall back,” “sorry,” and even a “3-2-1” countdown applicable to all 32 Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch’s Competitive mode players should also be delighted to know that they will be getting a priority queuing system.

It has always been an inconvenience whenever someone leaves a match and all the remaining players have to go back to the original queue to wait. With this new system, however, all eleven players who did not leave and cause the match to fold will be put right back in line where they would have been as if the match did not happen.

There are also a bunch of other improvements such as in-game client patch notes, and Workshop maps night modes. You can check out all of the upcoming content in the Developer Update video below:

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