The internet never forgets, but Dogman always pays his debts.

Two years ago, Overwatch League player Dusttin ‘Dogman’ Bowerman was hosting a stream and made an off-hand remark that if he gets “[…] into the Overwatch League I will rock the bowl cut,” further detailing that he “[…] will get a Korean bowl cut for at least the first season that I’m in.”

While he didn’t make it to the first season of the league, Dogman didn’t give up and played with North American Contenders team Last Night’s Leftovers in 2018. He was finally drafted in February this year by Atlanta Reign’s Academy team, ATL Academy.

Having made it, the internet was quick to remind him about his promised bowl cut.

Dogman followed through on the bet, getting his hair cut on the Overwatch League’s “Watchpoint” show hosted by Chris Puckett, who teased Dogman with photos of Overwatch League talent and production crew, including Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan himself rocking bowl cuts.

Overwatch League analyst Brennon “Bren” Hook also made a surprise appearance to do the haircut, equipped with a fake barber mustache, tools and, wait for it, a bowl.

Bren got to work on Dogman’s hair, placing the bowl to guide his trims, while the rest of the crew yelled on that it was uneven. The first-time barber confessed that he also wanted to cut the front of Dogman’s bangs, but somehow held back.

“I won’t lie to you guys, I put the scissors up to his fringe, and immediately ten voices were screaming in my ear,” said Bren.

The Overwatch pro player went on to do a late-night All Access Pass Q&A segment, all the while rocking the bowl cut on his head. He later got it fixed by a professional backstage, and shared the results to his followers on Instagram.

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It is done.

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