Brigitte, we hated you for enabling the GOATS meta. But all is forgiven with your new Jetpack Cat emote.

Blizzard’s annual Overwatch Archives event has surprise dropped a month earlier than usual, and is now live on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Along with the usual legendary and epic skins, it also includes a new emote for Brigitte featuring none other than Jetpack Cat himself.

If you’re out of the loop, Jetpack Cat was revealed by game director, Jeff Kaplan, as a scrapped concept character back in a 2017 interview with Gamespot.

“It was this jetpack and it had this cat that laid in it, like a cat does,” said Kaplan.

The character was scrapped, but was later introduced in Brigitte’s origin story video, which shows her building armor for her pet cat.

Overwatch Archives will run until April 2.

New skins

Archives adds five new legendary skins and three epic skins. The legendaries are:

  • Aviator Pharah
  • King Jamison Junkrat
  • Militia Roadhog
  • Sniper Ana
  • Workout Zarya

The Epic skins are:

  • Holi Symmetra
  • Rustclad Torbjorn
  • Bear Mei

As per usual, the legendary skins can be bought for gold or found inside event lootboxes. The epic skins can only be earned through weekly challenges, requiring you to win nine games of Quickplay, Arcade, or Comp.

Challenge Missions

Archives brings back all three story-mode missions from the past three years, with new unique mechanics to keep things fresh and exciting, including lava-dropping enemies and enemies that can only be damaged by critical hits.

Week 1 – Two Uprising Missions Unlocked

  • Molten Cores – Enemies drop Lava on death
  • Glass Cannon – Players have 50% less health and increased damage

Week 2 – Two Retribution Missions Unlocked

  • Surgical Strike – Only critical hits do damage to enemies
  • Close Quarters – Enemies can only be damaged if a player is nearby

Week 3 – Two Storm Rising Missions Unlocked

  • Blood Moon Rising – No Support heroes and healing is reduced. Heal yourself by doing damage
  • Storm Raging – Some Enemies are enraged. Killing them spreads the rage.

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