Overwatch’s annual spookfest, Halloween Terror, is back and will be live from now until November 4.

This year, eight new skins are up for grabs.

There are five legendaries:

  • Demon Orisa
  • Pharaoh Ana
  • Scorpion Widowmaker
  • Warlock Ashe
  • Will-o’-wisp Tracer

And three epics:

  • Gorgon Lucio
  • Inferno Junkrat
  • Vampire Baptiste

There are also new Halloween cosmetics available throughout the event. Some of these items can only be earned by winning games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade.

Week 1 (Oct 15 – 21)

  • Inferno Player Icon – win three games
  • Inferno Spray – win six games
  • Inferno Junkrat skin – win nine games

Week 2 (Oct 22 – 28)

  • Vampire Player Icon – win three games
  • Vampire Spray – win six games
  • Vampire Baptiste skin – win nine games

Week 3 (Oct 29 – Nov 4)

  • Demon Hunter Player – win three games
  • Demon Hunter Spray – win six games
  • Demon Hunter Sombra – win nine games

Overwatch Halloween Terror also sees the return of the PvE tower defense mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019 will run from October 15 until November 4.

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