The hero count for Overwatch will stop at 32 when Echo is officially released.

This is according to lead designer Jeff Kaplan, who explained that the development team is now “heavily focused on Overwatch 2” in an interview with Overwatch and FPS streamer Stylosa.

To be clear, Kaplan means that there will be no more new heroes until Overwatch 2 is released.

In the interview, Kaplan acknowledged “how much people love new heroes” and assured Overwatch fans that his team is “making a bunch of new heroes for Overwatch 2”.

While he was careful not to reveal any specific details, Kaplan hinted at having “tanks and supports in the works”, as well as lots of hero development in the Overwatch labs.

“But I don’t want to get people’s expectations in the wrong place — we will not be getting another hero this year,” Kaplan clarified.

Echo has yet to be added to the live game servers, but she is already playable on the Overwatch PTR for PC. 

Over the past few days, players have been learning more about the powerful omnic — from her formidable abilities, to her interestingly familiar speech patterns.

Watch Stylosa’s interview with Kaplan here:

Overwatch 2 still doesn’t have a clear release date at this time, although Kaplan assured fans that “development is going great” and that “the team is fired up” about the project.

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