The NBA 2K League has found a new home for its upcoming third season. After spending its first two years in Long Island City in Queens, the League has moved to a new studio in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

With the new arena, the League expects to accommodate and grow its fanbase with Season 3’s improved live event experience.

NBA 2K League Season 3 games will take place in new Manhattan studio

“Every season we seek to elevate the NBA 2K League experience for players, fans and viewers,” said NBA 2K League managing director Brendan Donohue. 

“We are taking a major step in that direction with our new Manhattan studio. This unique space will further establish the NBA 2K League as a world-class esports product and make the league more engaging and accessible to casual and hardcore fans alike.”

The new, 13,600-square-foot venue has a 200-seat capacity and will feature larger screens and a mic’d stage to showcase the players’ personalities better than ever before. 

Another attraction at the venue is the Bud Light VIP Lounge, a facility fitted with a streaming pod and other studio equipment that aims to encourage more video game streamers to create new content on-site.

Along with the reveal of its new Hell’s Kitchen home, the League also announced the schedule for its 2020 season: 

  • March 24-28 — THE TIPOFF (In-season tournament, NBA 2K League Studio)
  • April 1 to May 8 — Weeks 1-6 of the regular season
  • May 13-15 — THE TURN (In-season tournament, location TBA)
  • May 20 to July 18 — Weeks 7-14 of the regular season
  • July 23-25 — THE TICKET (In-season tournament, NBA 2K League Studio)
  • July 29 to August 1 — NBA 2K League Playoffs
  • August 8 — NBA 2K League Finals

Returning in the 2020 season are NBA 2K League’s in-season tournaments staged by league partner AT&T — The Tipoff, The Turn, and The Ticket.

During the regular season, fans can look forward to brand new events such as rivalry matches and round-robin events that will be hosted in selected local areas. Wins and losses in these events — except in the championship games of the round-robin homestand games — will count toward each team’s total regular season record.

Teams are also expected to showcase their A-games in each of the round-robin events with a US$20,000 prize pool — including a US$15,000 grand prize — on the line.

More people will also get a chance to see the League’s cream of the crop with a featured Game of the Week hosted every Friday. In addition to the game being broadcast on the League’s partner networks, fans attending these games live in Manhattan will be treated to a “unique studio experience.”

Season 3 of the NBA 2K League tips off on March 24.

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