Hornets Venom GT, the esports affiliate of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, has won the first overall pick of the NBA 2K League Season 3 expansion draft. They will pick ahead of the league’s other new franchise, Gen.G Esports’ China-based squad.

Gen.G’s Shanghai team will have the second and third picks, and the fourth pick goes back to the Hornets.

Both teams will have the option to pick a third player in the draft if they choose to forfeit their second round pick in the main League draft.

The pool for the expansion draft will be composed of players from the league’s established teams, which were given the chance to protect three players from from their rosters.

For the full list of players included in the expansion draft player pool, check here.

The Hornets Venom GT will be the 22nd NBA affiliate to join the NBA 2K League.

Meanwhile the Shanghai team under Gen.G, which has yet to announce the franchise’s branding, will be the first non-NBA affiliate to join the league.

In addition to the expansion draft, the Hornets Venom GT and the Shanghai team will also be participating in the NBA 2K League Draft, picking sixth and fifth, respectively.

The NBA 2K League expansion draft will happen on October 18, while details for the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft have yet to be announced.

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