Despite being the newest addition to Aura’s roster, Ivan “Vaanstrong” had an exceptional debut in Aura’s match against Geek Fam.

The replacement mid-laner outplayed Geek Fam in a late-phase Game 1 clash. Although Geek Fam eliminated both Erico “God1va” and Hafizhan “Clover” Mirzaputra throughout the fight, Vaanstrong remained in the back-line to unleash deadly, long-range attacks on his enemies.

Most of Geek’s members had Immortality ready for a quick escape, but Vaanstrong was ready to follow up on his teammates’ efforts.

With his Energy Transformation activated, Vaanstrong quickly finished off Rama “Ramzu” Galasepta and Rendy “Ipin” Kurniawan for a double kill.

He continued his killing spree with an instant delete on Yosua “Tezet” Saner. Try “AyamJago” Sukardi found his way into a bot-lane bush to stay alive, but Vaanstrong miraculously sniped him with a Maximum Charge, securing the ridiculous wipeout.

Aura finished the match with a 2-0 standing, taking their first win of MPL ID Week 2.

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