Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has some of the best hero skins around, but with so many choices, it’s hard to decide which ones to buy first.

For many players (ourselves included), there’s nothing better than a good futuristic cyberpunk skin, with just the right amount of glowing bits, goggles, and sci-gi weaponry.

Here’s our pick for the five best cyberpunk skins in MLBB.

5. X.Borg – Moto Drifter

Credit: Moonton

X.Borg is no stranger to augmented weaponry. His firaga armor and flamethrower are obvious signs that he is a certified cyborg, but we nominate his Moto Drifter skin for revving up his cyberpunk looks to the max.

With his Elite skin, X.Borg turns into a monster-green speedster that’s ready to run down his opponents with his new blue flames, but be extra careful with X.Borg’s Last Insanity. It’ll melt off his awesome paint job.

4. Gusion – Cyber Ops

Credit: Moonton

Gusion may be a magical swordsman exiled from the Land of Dawn, but his lightning-blue enchanted sword shows that he has the potential to be a cybernetic slasher.

In Gusion’s Starlight Cyber Ops skin, he ditches his noble garments for lightweight battle armor and some cool green shades. With his new energetic look, Gusion’s moves also have a more eccentric flash to them. Aside from his clothing, his skills get a color change to bright green, giving him a distinct glow compared to his other skins.

3. Granger – Doomsday Terminator

Credit: Moonton

The Vagrant Poet takes a spot on this list with a skin that references a popular time-traveling cyborg. Granger’s Doomsday Terminator skin is an obvious reference to the Terminator, with the skin definitely nailing the look.

Instead of his studded rockstar outfit, Granger now wears a modified trench coat with an ivory black suitcase. His face is now part metal with a scanning red eye and his gun-toting arm is now bionic. As for his gameplay, Granger’s skills now have phantom-like shots that emit black and blue light trails. If you’re looking to be a stone-cold sharpshooter, this is the skin for you.

2. Masha – Combat Maiden

Credit: Moonton

Despite being a ferocious warrior from the Sarmi Tribe, Masha’s Combat Maiden skin completely transforms her into a cyberpunk brawler. Now donning reinforced gauntlets and stylish military gear, Masha’s geared up to beat anything in her way.

In terms of in-game combat, Masha destroys players with thrilling electricity. Her basic attacks now have electric claw trails while her Howl Shock and Thunderclap look more terrifying than ever with its new neon-blue aesthetic. On top of that, the Starlight skin gradually changes Masha’s hair into a bright neon-magenta upon losing health so stay clear of her when she’s glowing like a Super Saiyan.

1. Alucard- Obsidian Blade

Credit: Moonton

Though Alucard is a blade-swinging demon hunter, his Legend skin, The Oblivion Blade, is the best cyberpunk skin in the game. The skin’s black and purple aesthetic is loosely inspired by the film Tron, giving it a sure placement on this list.

Being a Legend skin, Alucard gets a complete overhaul with his gameplay. His recall now summons his light bike to drive him back to base while his basic attacks have colorful light trails as you hack your opponents to death. His Groundbreaker cracks the impact area into blue shards while Fusion Wave summons a glider that flies through the targeted enemies.

The only downside is, if you’re looking to buy Alucard’s Oblivion Blade skin, you’ll have to wait for it to reappear on MLBB’s Magic Wheel.

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