Team Bosskurr rose above Todak in the Malaysia online qualifiers of the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, defeating them with a 3-1 standing.

Despite Todak almost staging a comeback in game four, the Bosskurr boys were resilient in their team efforts and forced a game-winning clash that was too much for Todak to overcome.

Game one

Both teams started the final cautiously, testing each other out in the first ten minutes of game one. However, it was Team Bosskurr that slowly took map control, as they proactively pushed objectives.

Bosskurr’s main damage dealer, Leixia, became more aggressive as the game continued, and scored some important kills in quick clashes. With the momentum building on Bosskurr’s side, they went for Turtle, and Leixia claimed a double kill on Eone and Xray. Just seconds later, he dived the top tower with Scott and easily took out Ciku.

With Todak reeling, Leixia and his team went on a rampage, destroying seven towers and accumulating a 12,000 gold lead. After securing Lord, Bosskur pushed through the final tower in the toplane and sieged their way through to a comfortable game one win.

Game two

Despite the game one loss, Todak kept their composure coming into the second game. The team focused on map control early on with kills in the jungle. By the third minute, Eone got first blood on Syno with the help of Ciku and Nenas.

With a 7,000 gold lead, and most of their gold going towards main damage dealers, Ciku and Eone, Todak’s core duo were easily able to overpower Bosskurr. A few skirmishes later and Todak had a commanding lead, and wiped Bosskurr for the final time. With no one left to defend, the whole Todak team went straight for Bosskurr’s base inhibitor to tie up the series.

Game three

With Todak starting to play more aggressively, Bosskurr had to make adjustments, and focused on strong split pushes in game three. While this opened more opportunities for Todak to team up on solo-lanes, the rest of Bosskurr were able to lock down specific parts of the jungle and landing areas.

Scott, Zaraki, and Syno caught Moon in Todak’s bot jungle, while on the other side of the map, Kaizerly landed a kill on Ciku.

With Scott leading the charge through the midlane with Lord right behind him, the rest of Bosskurr split push the other two lanes. With constant wave pressure coming from all sides, Bosskurr quickly congregated inside the enemy base and overwhelmed Todak, destroying the base inhibitor for the game three win.

Game four

With Bosskurr just one game from victory, and Todak fighting for their tournament lives, both teams stepped up in game four. The teams traded kills across the map, keeping the gold leads close. An early clash saw Leixia chase down Ciku in the bot lane, and Kaizerly kill Eone with a deadly ejector, but Moon took Kaizerly down straight after, avenging his teammate.

Todak took control of the game after a huge team clash at the 14th minute. While Bosskurr’s Leixia picked up a double kill, Todak’s Xray fought back, and landed a triple kill of his own. However, even with the 3v1 advantage, Todak had trouble keeping enough pressure in the lanes for tower takedowns.

Things were looking bleak for Bosskurr, but a game-changing ambush in the bot lane managed to turn things around. Syno managed to catch Todak’s hard-carry Ciku by surprise with an attack from a bush taking him down with the help of Scott at a crucial time.

Todak’s Nenas and Moon tried to help Ciku, but they also ended up falling. With Todak suddenly reeling, Bosskurr immediately forced their way into the Todak’s base, taking down Xray as they charged ahead. With Todak trickling back in to defend, Syno was able to tank the inhibitor’s attacks while the rest of Bosskurr demolished the base inhibitor to win the series.

With the series win, Team Bosskurr has now qualified for the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, which will see 12 of the best MLBB teams in the world battle it out for a US$150,000 prize pool.

You can check out more information about MLI here.

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