The grand finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) SG/MY saw Singapore’s EVOS Esports SG take on Malaysia’s Todak.

The match was a rematch of the winners finals, which Todak won 2-0. EVOS were also looking for redemption after losing in Season 3’s MPL SG/MY grand finals to Malaysia’s Geek Fam.

After taking out fellow Singaporean squad, Resurgence, in the losers finals 2-0, EVOS were able to make their way back to the grand finals.

Game one

Todak came out strong in game one, and dominated from the start. With a 10-kill lead and strong lane-push, Todak secured the victory with a huge teamwipe in just over 17 minutes.

Game two

In game two, EVOS struck back with a two-man mid-push. While EVOS’ Robert “OhDeerBambi” Boon was caught in the crossfire of Mohd Aiman “Xray” Idris and Shahril Anuar Abdul “Nenas” Rashid, Andrew “Potato” Lim was able to sustain the push and take Xray down. With no one defending the Base Inhibitor, the rest of EVOS arrived to close out the game in just under 25 minutes.

Game three

Game three was another stunning showing by Todak. After taking down the Lord, the whole team raced to the mid lane, taking down EVOS Captain Chong “Soul” Ru Chyi and OhDeerBambi.

With almost half of EVOS now dead, Todak went straight into the EVOS base to finish off the rest of their team. With the Lord steadily pushing the top lane, the Malaysian team had no reservations about diving in for kills, cleaning up the rest of EVOS and taking a 2-1 lead in under 20 minutes.

Game four

However, with their backs against the wall, EVOS fought back in game four. In the most closely contested game so far, Todak looked like the stronger team early on, however, EVOS was able to turn the tables on the Malaysian team when Todak overextended by sending in four members to kill OhDeerBambi. Seizing the opportunity, Soul unleashed X. Borg’s flamethrower alongside Hylos’ Ring of Punishment, picking up the double-kill.

With only Ciku and Nenas left alive for Todak, EVOS went straight into their base to end the game, with three members of EVOS teaming up on Ciku for the last kill, and then easily taking down the Base Inhibitor to tie up the score.

Game five

With the score tied 2-2, the entire season came down to one final game.

With both teams pushing hard, neither team had an advantage early on. However, at around the 22-minute mark, a huge team clash over the Lord resulted in EVOS’ OhDeerBambi and Potato landing the killing blows on three Todak players.

With only Ciku left in TDK’s base, Potato and Soul wasted no time and went straight for the Inhibitor, taking it out a few minutes later to win the trophy for EVOS and Singapore.

With their long-awaited MPL MY/SG win, EVOS Esports SG won US$25,000 and will go on to participate in the M1World Championship, happening on November 15-17 in Kuala Lumpur.

EVOS’ Andrew “Potato” Lim won the MPL MY/SG Season 4 MVP award, bagging himself an extra US$1,000 in prize money.

Live Now: MPL-MY/SG Season 4 | Playoffs Day 2

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