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X.Borg is a truly unique hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and for good reasons.

This powerful fighter possesses a range of flame-based abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Among his many skills is the ability to create a flaming ring around himself, shoot flames at his enemies, and even deal true damage in extended team fights.

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With two shields in his HP bar, he is difficult to kill and can dish out great damage throughout the entire game.

However, while the Firaga Armor is a formidable opponent in the hands of a skilled player, certain heroes can counter his attacks and survive his onslaught before his second HP breaks.

3 hero counters to X.Borg in Mobile Legends


Esmeralda is a strong counter to heroes that have shields in their skills, such as X.Borg with his Firaga Armor passive.

Esmeralda’s skill set allows her to absorb shields quickly, which can put X.Borg in a vulnerable position during the laning phase.

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In addition to using Esmeralda as a counter, it’s also important to harass him early in the game before he reaches level four.

As for itemization, it’s recommended to prioritize building Enchanted Talisman and then Dominance Ice. These two items combined can help you withstand his skills, including the Last Insanity ultimate.


Chou is an effective counter to many fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, including X.Borg, but this requires experience playing as Chou.

During the laning phase, Chou can use his Ultimate skill, Jeet Kune Do, to harass and take down his XB’s armor passive. Once his armor is down, Chou can then use his second Ultimate skill, Way of Dragon, to deliver the final blow.

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Chou’s mobility is also useful in avoiding most of the Firaga Armor’s skills. His skill, Shunpo, can be used to dodge the Fire Missiles skill and keep Chou alive.

When playing this matchup, it’s recommended to prioritize physical damage items such as Blade of Heptaseas or Blade of Despair. Additionally, choosing the High and Dry talent in the assassin emblem tree can provide extra damage.


Gloo is a hero that may not be as well-known as others, but he proves to be a challenging opponent for X.Borg.

His skill, Slam, Slam, is a powerful attack that can quickly eliminate heroes without mobility during the early stages of the game. Additionally, Gloo’s Split, Split skill lets him avoid Fire Missiles and Last Insanity.

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When the Last Insanity ultimate has expired and his shield is down, Gloo can reattach to X.Borg, making it difficult for him to escape.

To make the most of this matchup, it’s recommended to prioritize building Sunfire Cape first, followed by Glowing Wand if you are ahead in the laning phase. If you are struggling, consider building Dominance Ice to boost your defense.

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