The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Season 2 (MPL KH Season 2) is starting the year off with a bang, introducing a ton of exciting changes exclusive to the region.

SeeYouSoon will look to defend their throne against some of the best teams in Cambodia. This season will also introduce the new Spring and Summer Split system, the first in Mobile Legends’ professional scene.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming MPL KH Season 2.

What is MPL KH Season 2?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Season 1 (MPL KH Season 1) champions SeeYouSoon receiving the trophy in the grand final
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

MPL KH Season 2 is the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in Cambodia.

256 teams will battle in the qualifiers to get one of four spots in the qualifiers, and will eventually compete in the regular season against four of the invited teams in the tournament.

MPL KH Season 2 format

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL KH Season 2 announcement
Credit: Moonton

Aside from the implementation of the Summer and Spring split format, the 256 qualified and registered teams will compete for the championship throughout the year.

Throughout 2022, qualifiers will be held during the Spring Split, and there will be no qualifying matches in the Autumn Split. This was made to give more opportunities for young esports players to give it their all.

During the Spring Split Qualifiers, four teams will advance based on a point system which determines their ranks, The bottom four of the top eight teams will be placed on a waiting list, should there be any unforeseen circumstances happening to the top four teams.

There will also be four direct invites for the regular season.

MPL KH Season 2 Spring Split standings

Impunity KH12 – 217
Burn x Team Flash11 – 315
Logic Esports10 – 413
SeeYouSoon8 – 611
DG Quantum6 – 88
Team MAX5 – 96
Infamous LG4 – 105
Divinity Saga0 – 140

MPL KH Season 2 Spring Split schedule

The qualifying rounds will be held from January 18 to 25, with livestream matches to begin from January 22 to 25.

The regular round of the Spring Split will run from February 26 to March 28. After an 11-day break, the playoffs start April 9 to April 24.

Week 1

February 26 (Saturday)

SeeYouSoon2 — 0Team Max
DG Quantum0 — 2Logic Esports
Impunity KH2 — 0Infamous LG

February 27 (Sunday)

Burn X Flash2 — 0DivinitySaga
SeeYouSoon1 — 1Logic Esports
Team Max KH1 — 1DG Quantum

Week 2

March 5 (Saturday)

Impunity KH2 — 0DivinitySaga
Infamous LG0 — 2Burn X Flash
SeeYouSoon0 — 2DG Quantum

March 6 (Sunday)

Team Max1 — 1Logic Esports
Infamous LG2 — 0DivinitySaga
Impunity KH1 — 1Burn x Flash

Week 3

March 12 (Saturday)

DG Quantum0 — 2Burn X Flash
SeeYouSoon2 — 0DivinitySaga
Team Max1 — 1Infamous LG

March 13 (Sunday)

Logic Esports2 — 0DivinitySaga
SeeYouSoon0 — 2Impunity KH
Team Max0 — 2Burn X Flash

Week 4

March 19 (Saturday)

DG Quantum1 — 1Infamous LG
Logic Esports1 — 1Impunity KH
SeeYouSoon1 — 1Burn X Flash

March 20 (Sunday)

DG Quantum0 — 2Impunity KH
Team Max2 — 0DivinitySaga
Logic Esports2 — 0Infamous LG

Week 5

March 26 (Saturday)

SeeYouSoon2 — 0Infamous LG
Logic Esports1 — 1Burn X Flash
DG Quantum2 — 0DivinitySaga

March 27 (Sunday)

Team Max0 — 2Impunity KH


April 9 (Saturday)

Impunity KH3 — 0Infamous LG
Logic Esports2 — 3Team Max

April 10 (Sunday)

Burn x Team Flash3 — 1DG Quantum
SeeYouSoon3 — 0Divinity Saga

April 23 (Saturday)

Impunity KH3 — 0Team Max
Burn X Team Flash0 — 3SeeYouSoon

April 24 (Sunday)

Team Max3 — 2Burn x Team Flash
Impunity KH3 — 0SeeYouSoon

Where to watch the MPL KH Season 2 Spring Split

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Cambodia Season 1 (MPL KH Season 1) champions, SeeYouSoon
Credit: SeeYouSoon’s Facebook page

You can witness the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams in Cambodia on the game’s official media platform.

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