The Mobile Legends Pro League ID has finished the last week of Season 5 with no surprise changes on the leaderboard.

RRQ Hoshi and Bigetron Alpha end the season still tied in first place while EVOS Legends sits in third.


  • Genflix Aerowolf 1 – 2 Geek Fam
  • Aura 0 – 2 Bigetron Alpha
  • Genflix Aerowolf 0 – 2 Bigetron Alpha
  • RRQ Hoshi 0 – 2 EVOS Legends
  • Alter Ego 2 – 1 Geek Fam
  • RRQ Hoshi 2 – 0 Onic
  • EVOS Legends 0 – 2 Alter Ego

Match of the week: RRQ vs EVOS Legends

While RRQ may have finished the season in first place, EVOS Legends proved that they still have what it takes to defeat their biggest rivals. In Game 1, EVOS boasted a 13K gold advantage with 15 kills over RRQ’s 5, easily taking their base in under 13 minutes.

EVOS managed to continue their momentum in game two, steamrolling through RRQ one more time.

RRQ barely made a dent on EVOS, only securing four kills on Raihan “Bajan” Ardy and Gustian “Rekt”. With Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan and Fahmi “Rexxy” Alamsyah racking up kills without any deaths, EVOS and the Lord sieged the base through the top lane to take the two-game sweep.

Player of the week: Jabran “Branz” Wiloko

Bigetron Alpha’s Branz takes MVP this week for the insane amount of damage he put out in his team’s match against Genflix Aerowolf.

Playing Karrie, Branz player unleashed a barrage of light shurikens down the mid-lane, picking up four easy kills in a matter of seconds.


1. RRQ Hoshi (11-3)
1. Bigetron Alpha (11-3)
3. EVOS Legends (9-5)
4. Alter Ego (7-7)
5. Onic (6-8)
6. Genflix Aerowolf (5-9)
7. Aura (4-10)
8. Geek Fam (3-11)

Moonton should be announcing details regarding the MPL ID playoffs soon, but due to the current situation in Indonesia, don’t be surprised if they’re played entirely online.

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