Mobile Legends Pro League ID Season 5 finished its sixth week with Bigetron Alpha holding court atop the standings, with RRQ Hoshi right behind them.

Week 6 Results

Bigetron Alpha 2 — 0 Geek Fam

Aura 1 — 2 Alter Ego

EVOS Legends 1 — 2 Genflix Aerowolf

Bigetron Alpha 2 — 0 Onic

Alter Ego 0 — 2 RRQ

Onic 2 — 0 Aura

EVOS Legends 2 – 0 Geek Fam

Match of the Week: EVOS vs. Genflix Aerowolf

Genflix Aerowolf hunted down powerhouse team EVOS Legends in a close 2-1 clash. Game 1 had a back-and-forth mid-game phase, but with GFLX’s bot lane completely cleared, EVOS just needed one successful clash to end the game.

Despite facing a score deficit, GFLX carried on with an amazing Game 2. Pulling out his deadly Cecilion, Deden “Clay” Mohamad took out Gustian “Rekt” in the final clash and give his team the well-earned victory.

Game 3 was definitive proof that GFLX excels in the late game. By the 16-minute mark, Clay made another game-changing play by flanking Muhammad “Wann” Ridwan and Fauzan “Revicii” Chakim for the double-kill.

With only Rekt left to defend against four GFLX members, Noval “Fredo” Ananda chased the last EVOS player out of his base while Clay and Watt sieged the base to complete their reverse-sweep.

Player of the Week: Jabran “Branz” Wiloko

Bigetron Alpha’s Wiloko was a crowd-control master in their match against Geek Fam. Aside from doing some quickfire 2v1 ganks, the Leomord player chased opponents down with a deadly combo of Decimation Assault and Phantom Stomp.


  1. Bigetron Alpha (9-1)
  2. RRQ Hoshi (8-2)
  3. EVOS Legends (6-4)
  4. Onic (5-6)
  5. Alter Ego (5-6)
  6. Genflix Aerowolf (4-6)
  7. Aura (4-7)
  8. Geek Fam (1-10)

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