MPL ID Season 5 kicked off this week, and RRQ Hoshi are already looking like the team to beat this season.

The team easily swept both its games this week, which included a huge win over season 4 and M1 world champions, EVOS Legends.

Bigetron Alpha sits right behind the season leaders with a 2-0 record, but they had a much harder time, with 2-1 victories over both Alter Ego and Onic Esports.

Week 1 Results

BTR 2 – 1 AE

Aura 1 – 2 Onic

Onic 1 – 2 BTR

Evos 0 – 2 RRQ

Geek 0 – 2 AE

Aura 2 – 1 GFLX

RRQ 2 – 0 Geek

Match of the week: RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS Legends

The marquee match of the week saw RRQ Hoshi take on EVOS Legends in a rematch of both the MPL ID S4 grand finals, and the M1 World Championship grand finals.

The first game was very much a stalemate up until the final clash. Both teams had little to no defense inside their bases, and each side was racking up kills, but at the 25-minute mark, EVOS made a grave mistake by camping in their top jungle.

Seizing the opportunity, Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan flanked Wan and deleted him with a stun combo.

With the rest of RRQ arriving, Rivaldi “R7” Fatah chased Ihsan “Luminaire” Kusudana into the EVOS base. Although Luminaire dashed through the base wall, R7 leapt through the wall with Last Insanity, eliminating Luminaire. With the 5v3 advantage, RRQ finally closed out game one with a quick base rush.

In game two, RRQ hit their stride early and got a few quick kills in the beginning phase. By the 15-minute mark, Vyn initiated the perfect clash with his Ejector, picking up four kills and giving RRQ a 10K gold advantage.

EVOS were unable to recover, and a few minutes later, RRQ rolled into their base to close out the series.

Player of the Week: Calvin “Vyn”

Although RRQ’s Mohammed “Wizzking” Zulkifli led his team in kills, it was Vyn and his god-like Jawhead that was the driving force behind most of RRQ’s initiations. His flash-ejector combos were particularly on point and he instantly gave his team the advantage in many clashes.


RRQ leads the MPL with a 2-0 record while Bigetron Alpha trails right behind them.

Aura, Alter Ego, and Onic are tied up for third place while Geek comes in last place with a 0-2 standing.

EVOS Legends and Genflix Aerowolf are currently unranked as they have each only played one game.

Week 2 of the MPL ID Season 5 will start on February 14.

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